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Money / Songs That Remind Me

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#1 Nutty



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Posted 19 September 2018 - 11:36 AM

Okay so first of all, I still can't believe we have these kind of people in 2k18 Lul. Anyways, no one's falling for it, but it's too dumb to have people like this in a server.

So let's begin, in the first screenshot we can see Money asking if i'm rich, apparently going for the wealthy people $_$

Attached File  part 1.png   141.87KB   1 downloads

Secondly, he's asking people if they want to become a GM in exchange for $$ as seen below : 

Attached File  part2.png   138.52KB   1 downloads
Attached File  part3.png   153.04KB   1 downloads

So later on, he tells me to speak to this Novice, whose IGN is : Songs That Remind Me
Okay so i'm assuming he's either that guy or his friend who probably doesn't even play here, but just to scam people for money

(Apparently I can't send some screenshots, it says the file was too big to upload  :ph34r: )

Attached File  part7.png   39.46KB   1 downloads


Anyways, let's get both of them banned, we don't need these kind of people in our server.

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#2 ralph0564151



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Posted 19 September 2018 - 11:42 AM

Up this one. Also game a text document about the so called "JOB"





Also a link to hisher discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/nZYmbV

#3 Cratos



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Posted 19 September 2018 - 12:29 PM

IGN: Money

In connection with the above topic, please be informed that, me "Money" was also a victim here. The incident goes like this.

The player named the "Songs that remind me" approached me asking if I'am Asian; I said yes I'am an Asian and then he ask me to follow him. So I did, then he created a PUB for the both of us, at first he replied on the PUB using the above mentioned name, and then lately, I was shock that the name "GM Linares" appeared on the PUB and start and saying that, this was my SPY character and he told me that he is searching for a candidate of being a GM, and I told him that what are the requirements, then he replied " you need to invest 5,000 php but do not worry NEO - RO will return it to  you after 30 minutes, but I told him that I do not have that kind of money the he replied " okay just help me find someone who have a stable job and can invest money" so I searched the players online and First I found xXxKillerxXx she told me she is from Canada and I told him to talk to Songs that reminds me" without knowing "he is a scammer" and lastly I approaced Nutty and ask him if he is an Asian and then he replied that he is a filipino but born in greece, so i told to "Songs that reminds me" he is a filipino but born in greece and then I asked to "Song that reminds me" how much is 5k PHP in greece currency and he told me 80EU and so I told it to nutty and song reminds me told me to ask nutty to create a pub for two character.

The bottom line here is that, I'am a helpful person, but in this case I was helping a person as I thought I was helping GM Linares finding a possible GM for NEO-RO. That is how I was deceived by that scammer.

I do not know how the name GM Linares entered the PUB i was strongly deceived buy that incident.

#4 Linares


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Posted 19 September 2018 - 12:55 PM

This scam tactic is very outdated and i hope nobody falls for it. The Chat-Box GM Impersonation scam is very simple. Just Type a long space then  "[GM] Linares:  Hello"

That will make it look like a GM is talking inside the chatbox.


I have blocked the person behind this scam and in regards to "Money" being part of it, we're still investigating.

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