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Hunter Leveling Guide

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#1 fragorast



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Posted 11 October 2018 - 12:31 PM

Pls give us a good guide for leveling 1-99+ hunter class

#2 Styx



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Posted 11 October 2018 - 09:17 PM

So, this isn't about Sniper but about Hunter, because that is your question. A Hunter can fairly easy lvl but it depend on your exact build how to accomplish it. Either way you probably will end up with killing Anubis for the last lvls.

Whatever build you use you need to understand, practice and master trapping, at least Ankle Snare.

But suppose we are alone or just with a few friends, it might be hard to lvl up without cards and decent gears. Actually that is quite possible, special for a Hunter, you don't need specific gears or cards at all to get 99.

Most seen is a DS build and it's a very fine choice, however, you will need al lot of SP resources. It's a build containing much strike power but it is also rather vulnerable and that is why you need to master trapping and know where to get SP items.

In general you will go max DEX first and whatever you think you need more. The good thing is you can reset on this server and try several things. Gathering 50k to change should be a piece of cake for a hunter. So, you can experience it all.

Another example of a possible build is going full AGI first and next to 60 LUK total and then you go DEX. That's might sound somewhat strange, though that build will trigger your Falcon to go off much more often and use it as an alternate for DS.

It isn't more powerful as DS, that is a con and you will waste a sufficient amount of arrows as well. So you should craft your own and know where to get the ingredients for it.

The pro is you can dodge quite a lot more then an DS build, you barely need SP at all. You don't get capal problems repeating hitting a button. In the endgame it could be even more of an MVP build as purely DS since the Falcon will hit ghost as well.

Though, I will restrict it to Hunter and not Sniper which has several other choices available. What do you need? In basic a Panty and undershirt, that + 5 AGI will benefit this specific build for quite some time, for accesory you buy 2x Rosary in Prontera + 4 LUK and +10 mdef total which is quite al lot for gears easy to get and surely available. For Bow you go Arbalest at lvl 33, you can buy in Payon. Later a Hunterbow might be better or OAB depending on what you could gather lvling up to benefit that choice.

Also with this build you will end up probably doing Anubis or something heavier if you became a master trapper meanwhile. How strong can such a build be in the endgame as Sniper? Just, experience it yourself. I know it could kill a summoned Beelze for instance or any other ghost MVP.

Though you need much more specific gears and cards to manage that of course. In basic someone told this boring message already before you hit lvl 86 it is all about Les indeed if you want to level up asap.


BTW Hunter isn't what I play a s main char, probably a real Hunter/Sniper pro could tell much more specific what you need to do. Though in a game it isn't important at all what you can achieve, it is all about what YOU! like to do in a game. 

There is much more content in this whole game then just for winners, it's RPG based ment for a 1500 pop population and majority of such a pop will never bother with BG, PvP or WOE at all.

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